An elegant approach to artisanal soft drinks that will impress on every occasion.

Alcohol-free unless added.

Look out for our #seasonalcordials through the year. Strawberry Rhubarb; Spiced Plum; Crab Apple Ginger; Pear Cardamom; Elderberry Clove; Rosehip Cardamom.

Lots of Scottish flavours to shout about.

Scottish Blackcurrant Fruit Cordial

Unmissable mother earth stamped all over it with distinct citric notes

Bright with lemon juice + rum + brandy + jasmine tea + ice
Masala with slice of lemon + black salt + toasted ground cumin + crushed ice + sparkling water.


Scottish Gooseberry & Mint Fruit Cordial

From sour to a little bit sweet, the Uva-crispa or ‘curved grape’ is a summer breeze – and then there’s the mint.

Refreshing with crushed ice + fizzy water Stunning with a dash of classy white rum.


Scottish Rhubarb Fruit Cordial

The ultimate sweet and sour fruit that’s not a fruit, pink and perky

Hostess Mostess drizzled into dry champagne Star Softly with a muddle of basil leaf + crushed ice + sparkling water


Scottish Raspberry Fruit Cordial

Aromatic, peppery and softly citric, the iconic Scottish raspberry tickles all palates serve with hot water and a sprinkling of nutmeg, ginger + cinnamon for a Warm Hug.

Decadent with a muddle of sage leaf + dash of classic vodka + ice rocks