Welcome to the 
Scottish Fruit Company

We are fruit evangelists on a mission to bring you the indulgent pleasures of Scottish fruit in our outstandingly juicy cordials.

We have a cordial for every season and we only use the season’s best fruit straight from the tree, bush or field.

We don’t ‘do’ concentrate, just the purest, smoothest cordials that are big on taste.

Delightful straight up with water, a bit of sparkling or mixed into a cocktail, gin, whisky, prosecco or even dare we suggest it…champagne, we want you enjoy them as much as we do, so let us know your winning combinations on Instagram or Twitter @scottishfruitco


We love our founders journey and entrepre ’fruit’ ial spirit, she will be sharing her intimate knowledge of Scotland’s ancient fruit heritage with you via her blog – watch this space for her fascinating insight into fruit drinks and preserves over the years!